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We are based in Guildford and provide Residential/Commercial EPC's, Floorplans and Land Registry Compliant Leaseplans throughout Surrey, Hampshire and London  - contact us on 01483 60 88 70

A valid EPC is a requirement when marketing your property for sale or rent.

Energy Assess UK Ltd also provide SBEM reports for Part L compliance on new build commercial properties - a requirement to ensure new builds are energy efficient. More information can be found by clicking here

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Based in Guildford, Surrey






Energy Assess UK Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales: 6304746











Energy Certificate

EPC Guildford | EPC Godalming | EPC Farnham | EPC Aldershot | EPC Ottershaw | EPC Woking | EPC Haslemere | EPC Liphook | EPC Surrey

EPC in Guildford | EPC in Godalming | EPC in Farnham | EPC in Aldershot | EPC in Ottershaw | EPC in Woking | EPC in Haslemere | EPC in Liphook

Liphook EPC | Guildford EPC | Farnham EPC | Godalming EPC | Aldershot EPC | Haslemere EPC | Woking EPC | Ottershaw EPC

EPC's in Guildford | EPC's in Woking | EPC's in Liphook | EPC's in Haslemere | Guildford EPC's | Woking EPC's | Aldershot EPC's | Energy Certificate Farnborough

Energy Certificate Puttenham | Energy Cert.

Liphook Energy Certificate | Guildford Energy Certificate | Farnham Energy Certificate | Godalming Energy Certificate | Aldershot Energy Certificate | Haslemere Energy Certificate | Woking Energy Certificate | Ottershaw Energy Certificate

Liphook Energy Cert| Guildford Energy Cert| Farnham Energy Cert | Godalming Energy Cert| Aldershot Energy Cert| Haslemere Energy Cert | Woking Energy Cert | Ottershaw Energy Cert